Our Teams

Creating Wellness is a canine program that consists of volunteers and their dogs that are trained to work as a team bringing comfort and love to patients in a hospital setting.


Please contact us if you are interested in attending our training program!

Volunteer Training Program:

You and your dog will meet with the Director to discuss the Creating Wellness Program.

Your dog is to be clean, groomed and pottied before coming into the building.

Dogs that have been to obedience classes are a plus, but the Director will make the decision as to whether your dog will work in the program. Not all dogs are suited for therapy work.

At this meeting, you are to advise the Director of any information about your dog, Dogs in the program must love people and get along with other dogs. Barking is not permitted.

On your first visit you and your dog will meet with Roz in a facility. Once that is done there will be two training sessions where you will leave your dog home and watch an assistant trainer and her dog work as a team. Once that is done you will bring your dog to the facility twice. Roz will shadow you and your dog while you’re working for about an hour.

Once you complete all the training and your dog reflects good social therapy etiquette, the two of you graduate as a Social Therapy Team and receive a graduation certificate.

Then the facility, day and time will be determined so you and your dog may begin your volunteer endeavor with Creating Wellness.

Partners in Care!